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Album review: 'Love & Money'


The Brill

"Love & Money"

Pleasure Point Records

I hope I'm not unmasking Batman here, but The Brill is actually Rochester-based artist and one-man band Paul Thatcher. The Brill is a rock 'n' roll superhero who has just produced "Love & Money," an excellent rock 'n' roll record, over in England. As an added bonus, this included mastering at Abbey Road Studios at the hands of the joint's staff engineer Frank Arkwright, who has twiddled knobs for The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Elton John, Oasis, and so on.

The album is quite guitar heavy, and the guitar is quite effects heavy — there is a lot of stereo chorus and flanger on there. That's okay, though. It just means when other instruments take their turn in the spotlight, like the Jon Lord inspired organ or a synth bed that calls to mind Vangelis, none of the power ever lets up. And everything is hook heavy a la precursors to heavy fusion rock, like Procol Harum and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but it's not so out there — there are no saw solos. Lyrically, "Love & Money" doesn't beat the listener over the head with seriousness, dramatic self-importance, or storytelling. And there's even a little boogie in there. It just rocks.