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ALBUM REVIEW: "Louddy Jack"


Louddy Jack

"Louddy Jack"


There's precious little about this band online. In fact, I couldn't find a damn thing. Nada. So let's look at what we do have, namely the band's self-titled disc that came across my desk.

The album is a classic, mid-tempo head-banger combining a serious bump and drive with plenty of thud. The production saves the day in spots where the songs come off perhaps a little predictable. The pieces that comprise "Louddy Jack" fall in the right places, especially when Mike Brandes' big guitar comes unhinged and heads north on the neck. Just dig the guitar break on the cut "Momentum." This is real guitar hero stuff a la Robin Trower or Gary Moore, which may have you adding an air guitar component to your listening experience. Let 'em go ahead and stare.

The band doesn't seem afraid to mix things around a bit dynamically, but it doesn't offer anything innovative or too crazy. Still, "Louddy Jack" is a good rock 'n' roll plater all the same. Dig it now.