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Album review: 'Longing to Be the Mountain'


King Buffalo

'Longing to Be the Mountain'


Having reached widespread international exposure since its formation in 2013, King Buffalo is a local psychedelic rock trio known for its cavernous sound. Currently celebrating the release of its latest album, "Longing to Be the Mountain," King Buffalo pushes the boundaries of stoner rock.

The album begins with a mysterious yet peaceful forest soundscape that introduces Sean McVay's electric guitar, which seems to resound through the cosmos with ghostly yearning. Scott Donaldson holds down rock-steady drum beats to bring the listener back to reality from the inner workings of McVay and bassist Dan Reynolds. While McVay sings simple and confident melodies that bring a comforting light to the shaky, psychedelic groundwork, the lyrics flow like a soft wind over the music, allowing the instruments to speak for themselves.

King Buffalo's music is simple yet intentional, offering a meditative, transformational experience. Listeners can enjoy more drawn-out, existential songs like "Morning Song" and "Eye of the Storm," or they can rock out to headbangers like "Sun Shivers" and "Cosmonaut." "Longing to Be the Mountain" is full of tension and release, simulating the natural ebb and flow of the universe.

King Buffalo's album release show is on Friday, October 26, 9 p.m. at Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. $10-$12. Handsome Jack and Snack Shack also perform.