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Album review: 'Long time comin' '


Dirty Blanket

'Long Time Comin' '


What began as an acoustic folk duo featuring guitarist Max "Dirty" Flansburg and singer/songwriter Kevin "Blanket" O'Leary in 2013 became a foot-stomping bluegrass quintet by the end of 2016. The original duo was augmented with longtime friends Richie Colf on mandolin, Joel Fedkiw on five-string banjo, and Aaron Oldweiler on upright bass. After five years of writing and playing various festivals in the Western New York region, Dirty Blanket is celebrating the release of its second full-length album, "Long Time Comin'."

Raise your mason jars: "Long Time Comin'" is a bluegrass party on a wide-open landscape with sweet country air blowing through your hair. Recorded at The Green Room by Matthew Ramerman, "Long Time Comin'" features 10 fast-picking tales of old times past and the growing pains of life. Songs like "Hobo Jones" and "Mindless" will make you want to put your dancing pants on, while "Flat Tire" and "However Long We Roam" are sung with warm and bittersweet tenderness, as sippable as a fine whiskey. Vocal harmonies are howled over the top of the strings, providing prime sing-a-long material for the audience. Dirty Blanket makes rowdy Appalachian dance music that puts a refreshing twist on an old country tradition.