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Album review: 'Long Story Short'


Alex Northrup and the Backup

'Long Story Short'

Proof That the Seacow Exists! Records

Local multi-instrumentalist and singer Alex Northrup demonstrates songwriting finesse on his latest album, "Long Story Short," recorded with his band The Backup. While the song lyrics are heartfelt and retrospective, the instrumentation speaks just as much throughout the album. Northrup has a warm, endearing tenor voice, but his artistry really shines on the keyboard, as he rips through sophisticated organ solos on songs like "Sinning on Sunday" and "Blinded by Delight." You can enjoy lush vocal production and catchy melodies on "Put on the Break-Up," or the unexpected time signature shift halfway through "There We Go Again." Co-produced by Northrup and Dave Drago of 1809 Studios "Long Story Short" delivers delightfully twisted alternative pop-rock grooves with lyrics full of yearning and awe.