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Album review: 'Lonely Hearts Club'


Annie Wells

"Lonely Hearts Club"


You're only as good as the company you keep. Annie Wells has always been a good 'un in any capacity I've seen her perform, and for her latest record, "Lonely Hearts Club," she's in excellent company. For this outing she has plugged in studio cats like the incomparable Phil Marshall (who also wrote four of the songs on the CD), Steve Frank, Ken Frank (the album's producer), and Chris Teal.

Wells' voice is absolutely beautiful in this setting and is a study in constraint, and the band ably cops to the same M.O. It's pretty, but nobody gets particularly cute on the project. That helps this GFI-recorded platter in its own punch and power at any volume and in any key or mood. It's classic singer-songwriter fare taken to the next step by the veteran rockers found here. They aren't afraid to holster the heat and play pretty for those that want to dance with their soon-to-be-sweethearts. "Lonely Hearts Club" is pretty but not too flowery; it's got moxy and sand.

Annie Wells celebrates the release of "Lonely Hearts Club" and warms up for Woody Dodge on Saturday June 10, at Lovin' Cup, 300 Park Point Drive. 8 p.m. $5.