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Album review: 'Loaded Goat'


Loaded Goat

"Loaded Goat"

Gabby Records

Loaded Goat's new three-song EP plays out in a cinematic display of violence and cool. The record isn't at all over-the-top, and it keeps the chaos at bay. Though initially a studio-bound one-man-band, Rob Roemer has plugged in some humanity in order to scratch the itch and heed the siren call of the stage. He has added guitarist Tim Lowe and percussionist Mark Osterling. With these cats on board, Loaded Goat gives off elements of Dinosaur Jr. and the Friends of Dean Martinez with it's fuzzed out basslines and big sky atmosphere.

This is Loaded Goat's second record and its first as a trio. The sound is more mature and a little mellower, and that elusive sync between instruments is all but gone, effectively making Loaded Goat a new band. It will be interesting to see this band live, finally.