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Album review: 'Live'


The JD Blues Experiment



Age ain't got nothing to do with it. Sure, Penfield's Jason "JD" Dodson is a tad on the young side — 17 to be exact — to be rippin' up the blues in assorted joints around town. But that's exactly what he's doing with his band, The JD Blues Experiment, on the trio's new album, recorded live at the Angry Goat by Saxon Recording's Dave Anderson.

Dodson takes on the masters, like Freddy, Stevie, and Louis, as any blues band is wont to do, but the young man is serving up his arsenal like a telegraph punch, showing us the blues that is to come — especially on tunes penned by his father and bass player, Walt Dodson.

The playing is on the flashy side (just dig his re-telling of Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile") as Dodson let's fly with guitar leads that'll leave listeners tongue-tied and slack-jawed. I would however, like to see him get a little dirtier, grittier, and gut-bucket. I'm not worried, I've got a feeling he's got that in the wings.