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ALBUM REVIEW: "Live With Yourself"


Parkerhouse Road

"Live With Yourself"


From the moment you press play, Parkerhouse Road's five song EP, "Live With Yourself," is an aggressive, raging, tuneful exercise in modern hard rock. The songs are tightly structured. The drums are banging. The bass is driving. The guitars are big and there are plenty of riffs, lines, licks, and chops to go around.

"Live With Yourself" opens up with "Another Night" which chugs along as lead singer Matt Burke navigates the murky waters of a relationship; I swear that Burke's voice is reminiscent of Placebo's Brian Molko.

When guitarist Cody Slingerland cranks up his distortion pedal, the quartet produces some of its best material ("You're Out Of Line," "Fade Into The Black").

With a consistent sound, it is obvious that Parkerhouse Road is a proficient band underneath the heavy attack.

That said, pop-punkers ought to dig this EP too; even metal devotees might bang their noggins in tribute to the testosterone of it all.