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ALBUM REVIEW: "Liar's Moon"


Jerry Falzone

"Liar's Moon"


Each of the 10 cuts on Jerry Falzone's excellent new "Liar's Moon" would do just fine as simple guy-with-a-guitar-and-something-to-say vignettes but Falzone uses his simple strum and croon as a catapult to launch into a lush atmosphere of classic rock. Lush — perhaps a tad lonely even — but not overdressed for the occasion. Still, the production is big and bright, even in the face of lyrical melancholy and darkness, achieved with an impressive line-up of musicians to color in and out of the lines. The themes are universal — Falzone's reactions and implementations are those we all have, though we may not be honest enough to admit it. Falzone is as guilty as the rest of us, heart on his sleeve, hence "Liar's Moon." I think there's going to be one tonight.