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Album review: 'Layers'


Animal Sounds


Self released

Indie-psych quintet Animal Sounds have a new five song EP —- their fifth release —- that hits the ground on July 3 with a charge of immediacy; that is, the band wastes no time getting down to it. “Layers” opens up with the title track providing a mysterious groove which tosses the listener between silence and the band’s groovy punch of brass. These horn accents will pleasantly catch you off guard with their tightness and brightness and dynamiteness.

Somewhere along the listening journey, Animal Sounds may remind you of Steely Dan with its quirk and jazzy time signatures. The most excellent tune, “Sweet Tooth,” centers around the slug of a stock power chord. That gives the song an excitable kick amidst a fairly deep groove that gets shared with the rest of the  tracks. The progressions are fairly succinct, but don’t necessarily threaten to lose people along the way.

It’s really the guitar that grabs hold and shakes you. Tasty licks, the aforementioned power chords, and harmonics that follow the melody like a shadow. With “Layers” Animal Sounds is on the edge of something big.