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ALBUM REVIEW: "Last of the Honey Bees"


Auld Lang Syne

"Last of the Honey Bees"


Auld Lang Syne's new album, "Last of the Honey Bees," opens up with aching beauty, like Gregorian chants along the mighty Mississippi, before switching to a Beach Boys-type strum and croon. For me, this band has always picked away at the fragile membrane between utter sadness and utter joy. Both emotions call for the same tears. Call them melancholy madrigals for moderns. This album is laconic and mellow in the extreme but wastes no time getting to the soul of the matter with lyrics ensconced in the eternal embrace of gravity as it slowly lets go. Not sure what I mean here, but it feels right. Hell, you don't even know what Auld Lang Syne means anyway, do you?