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Album review: 'Joy'


Bill Tiberio Band



Like a Weather Report that predicts smooth sailing ahead, the Bill Tiberio Band opens its newest CD, "Joy," with a trot. Covering several progressive paths, the band builds and builds to a happy crescendo with Tiberio shifting from sweet and smooth to exuberant hirsute wail. And that's all in the first song, the title track no less.

The boys cut loose and jump salty with "Back in the Day," the second track of this nine-cut trip. All tunes were penned by Scott Bradley (trumpet flugelhorn, anAd keyboard), but the whole band put the chrome on this buggy. The track "Only When You Lose It" stands out with its Cuban piano ambition, and the wind cries Hendrix with a mash-up nod on the song "Louie." Short answer: this is a smooth jazz record, but it ain't vanilla by a long shot. "Joy" is a jazzy take on lighter musical fare with some lingering progressive chops that are just resting until the time is right.