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Album review: 'Infinite-Alternate'


Amongst the Monks



After just two previous full-length records, Upstate New York’s Amongst the Monks says goodbye with its third and final album, “Infinite-Alternate,” as the band members go their separate ways. Guitarist-drummer Phil Way, bassist Ian Kull, and drummer-guitarist Jeremy Bussmann call their music “multi-genre fusion.”

There are hairpin turns that culminate in guitar-driven freak-outs. Finely crafted tonal teases careen toward Nirvana. The opening track, “Sex Crystal,” proves to be a good exemplar of this trio’s daunting variety and will leave you panting by the time it’s over. The instrumental numbers are Strato-smooth prog rock, while the sung tunes crackle with pop-rock energy. The dichotomy totally fits; the band seems to be channeling Vulfpeck. It’s a shame Amongst the Monks is gone.

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