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Album review: 'Hope for the Future'


The Plague

"Hope for the Future"

Recover Records

If there was one word to describe The Plague's new CD, "Hope For The Future," it would be "dichotomy." It's hard and heavy the first minute; swift and slick the next. And the vocals come in two different shades as well: growling guttural and sung sweet. The drums, they're huge throughout.

As a whole, The Plague — made up of members of former Warped Tour darlings Third Estate — holds up nicely as the production adds an element of control. That's so things don't go completely nuts. And the cyborg sound effects — holding the silence at a safe distance in the cracks between the cracks on each of the 13 cuts — adds to an actual overall hope for the future. The guitars are big and bad, and it's only when the vocals get monstrous and acidic that The Plague comes off hardcore. When the words are actually sung it seems to lighten the band's framework where they can really take off and fly.