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"Hook Face"

Hook Face


With the snide savvy of Jim Carroll and psycho-sexual swagger of The Cramps lost in the Delta, Hook Face's eponymous debut dishes out some beautifully dark, dangerous rock 'n' roll with a noir-ish splendor. It's a bare-boned affair; there is not an ounce of fluff or fat to be found on any of the album's generous 15 tracks. Hook Face is a classic line-up — essentially a re-tooled, less-sonic SLT, a Rochester band that rivalled The Stooges. Much of that comparison is inspired by Matt Sabo's incredible voice; a voice drenched in blood and wisdom and a menacing sexuality. ("Well you know I stole more than kisses, she said I was going to hell," he sings on "Well.") "Hook Face" is varied in its consistency; this pony knows a few tricks. There are detours into the blues, hillbilly boogie, and garage rock, but it all maintains a minor-keyed, sweet mid-tempo drive 'n' throb. It's perfect for dancing when lights are low...or they are off altogether.

Hook Face celebrates the release of "Hook Face" with special guests Nod, on Friday, March 14, 9 p.m. at Monty's Krown, 875 Monroe Ave. $4.