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James Hunter Six

"Hold On"

Daptone Records

Over the groovy, ridiculously tight rhythm section's boom-chicka-boom, soul sensation James Hunter and his aptly named James Hunter Six deliver his fourth album, and his first for the incredible Daptone imprint. Terms, like "yesterday" and "retro" get bandied about when the conversation comes to Hunter, his voice of rugged splendor, and the tight twang of his TV yellow Les Paul. But prove me otherwise, if you dare, when I say James Hunter is now, baby.

Sure the majority of Sams, Wilsons, and Marvins were from a ways back, but they still rule turntables and radios everywhere. And Hunter's work with producer and Dap King Bosco Mann at the desk on "Hold On" puts the man up there with those kings of soul — with the added advantage of being alive and still making records. Hail to the king. — BY FRANK DE BLASE