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Bob Bunce

"G'won Git"


Like any other Gary Holt produced joint, Bob Bunce's latest CD, "G'won Git," doesn't fly too far from Mother Earth. It's not like his wings would melt or anything; it's just that roots-rock like this sounds best when it's, well, rooted. Bunce and his family of rootsy cohorts keep this countrified affair low-fi and low-key throughout the disc's 13 cool cuts with their fearless leader's casual croon held at an easy trot around the corral. It ain't country really, but rather countrified.

Even though the band is plugged in to a certain extent, it reads like an off-the-grid handbook full of wood, wire, blood, and determination. And the man is consistent, having written some of these cuts 20 years ago, and others in the studio. Good for sitting down on the porch a spell to ruminate and chill. Buy Bunce's record. If you can't, steal it.