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Album review: 'Gold Koa'


Gold Koa

'Gold Koa'


Drummer Matt Battle and bassist Kamara Robideau may have moved from Rochester to pursue their careers in Los Angeles, but really, they haven't gone anywhere. After the cross-country move and the subsequent disbanding of their indie rock band Oh Manitou, Battle and Robideau teamed up with Rochester singer-songwriter Cammy Enaharo to form Gold Koa. The trio's newly released debut EP builds on the chronic catchiness of the single "Little Lost" while proving a consistent talent for vividly produced R&B-pop.

The importance of Battle's studio work cannot possibly be overstated. He produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed all five cuts, and his ear for full, sensuous textures and slow-groove dance hooks is impeccable. Enaharo's vocal phrases float through the sonic stream with smooth confidence, and the Battle-Robideau rhythm section is bold and slick. The EP also boasts an even deeper 585 connection, with contributions from guitarist Chris Potter and keyboardist Andrew Links from Oh Manitou, as well as trumpeter Benton Sillick and sound artist Brian Blatt.