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Album review: 'Go Digital!'


The Saplings

'Go Digital!'

Master Hand Records

The Saplings' beautifully odd album "Go Digital!" is definitely a mellow, clever, and cool collection that punches like a clown on the nod. The band exhibits a ton of varied personalities: electronic moods cleverly stirred into pop hooks, from Devo to emo.

All 13 cuts are accessible without trying too hard, and they go well with anything the listener brings. The horn arrangements are exquisite, as are the other instruments as they shift within their own subtlety. The Saplings have their feet firmly planted while "Go Digital!" takes flight. Rather magical, I believe. You will, too.

Playing with Orquesta Antonetti and Cammy Enaharo & Dessert, The Saplings will have a record release show on Saturday, February 23, 9 p.m. at Anthology, 336 East Avenue. $12-$15. 484-1964.