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Album review: 'From Above, Below, and All Around'


Public Prism

"From Above, Below, and All Around"


Public Prism seeks to define itself through sonic instigation and pressure and by dancing around anything concrete or actual. By doing so, the listener is forced into creating and/or arranging the electronic noisescape to make sense on individual terms. "From Above, Below, and All Around" is a synth-laden, vacillating truth, but it's not as odd as it seems. The seven tracks do however have an abstract if not somewhat bleak view.

On its homepage, Public Prism explains: This is a project "directed by Robert Massar and explores themes of interconnection, contemplation, nature, recovery from trauma, peace, and justice." To be clear, this is active music, and it manages to creep into the world around it, thus giving its surroundings a rather decent shot at validity and a chance to be an immersive, everyday soundtrack.