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ALBUM REVIEW: "Freddie's Extra Teeth"

Von Zimmer

"Freddie's Extra Teeth"

Tasty Treat Records

Hailing from the cornfields of the South Dakota plains comes this sweet and low-fi tasty treat from Von Zimmer. With hints of garage rock, indie, and anti-folk, this 10-tune platter initially sounds like a fistful of demos in their rough and ragged tone — it doesn't sound completely mixed. The drums sound like cardboard boxes in spots, and the vocals are monotone at best, but this all suits the songs perfectly. And the songs on this album really can't be improved upon anyway; they're perfect as is. If they got worked-up or polished it would ruin them. It's a guitar (acoustic and electric) driven campaign for the most part with the added punch of a bleak landscape set in contrast. This is good stuff, man. Raw and well done. — BY FRANK DE BLASE