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Fox 45

"Fox 45"

Eat Here Records

Fox 45 is uber referential on its self-titled debut EP. Every style, hook or riff the band cops to, it does unabashedly. It's nothing particularly new, but it's good — damn good. Sure the Sabbath riff on the opening track "Gehenna" is obvious, but who gives a sh*t? It's cool, and that's what matters. And Fox 45 (with three skirts and one bloke) is cool, baby, drenched with metal weight and cocky punk swagger. The rest of this 4-song EP is a dynamic mid-tempo dirge full of the kind of grinding usually reserved for the second date when the folks aren't home. You might even call it stoner rock except for the band's adherence to get in, get out, song-lengths. An excellent soundtrack for banging your head — or the gong — slowly.