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ALBUM REVIEW: "For All of You"


Extended Family

"For All of You"


More of a generous offering than an album, Extended Family's "For All of You" doesn't wait long to tug at the joy inside us all. The band creates plenty of happy as well, but its true talent lies in mining it from deep within its own listeners. Listening, you suddenly get the impression that shit ain't really that bad.

The album is a densely produced, 12-song soul-search that travels outside its own circular jams to get introspective and funky. Yes, it's funky in spots, but it's clear, Extended Family came to the party to get down with its own extended family — which branches out beyond its 9 core members topping out at 15 souls. Fifteen ministers of joy that move from jazzy vocals to gentle flourishes, to at least one, albeit brief, foray into a bowl of psychedelic fruit punch. Though reminiscent of The Band here and there, this certainly isn't Extended Family's last waltz by any stretch. This is perfect for lazy afternoons. How about today?