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Album review: 'Follow'


Grand Canyon Rescue Episode


White Mule Records

There's a slight difference in how we enjoy hometown homeboys Grand Canyon Rescue Episode and how the Rochester quintet is actually playing. You'd think this band is easy going with its countrified barroom rock 'n' roll lope. But I'm here to tell you, beneath this calm veneer is a dusky roots-rock diamond.

The cuts on "Follow," the band's third album, are dynamically laid out, ratcheting up the action from the beginning. And there's some genre jumping going on here as well. There's the tune "Wheels," which is reminiscent of Steve Earle (whatever genre you associate him with), to the Cajun pump and swell of "Love You So." And there's goose-bump-inducing gospel vocal support, along with some beautiful lap steel sprinkled about.

The band certainly hasn't abandoned its folksy, bluegrass roots, like with the song "Right Hand," but cuts like "Dublin Girl" come off earthy with fiddle and tin whistle. All the while, the band lays it all down on a bed of Bo Diddley bliss — all part of the band's shift and matriculation and willingness to go where the muse takes it. Be there.