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Album review: 'Finally, I Can Vibe'



"Finally, I Can Vibe"

D.E.L.I. Entertainment

Emcee and D.E.L.I. Entertainment founder MdotCoop has thoroughly woven himself into his new full-length, "Finally, I Can Vibe" — and you can definitely vibe to these tracks. From the intro to the end, this record puts you into some dimly lit, after-hours house party somewhere in Rochester. Your imagination takes you there for good reason: Coop's descriptive storytelling rhymes build an image of who he really is and what he's about.

Tracks like the back-to-back "Dream Living" and "Spread Love" are from a top of the world perspective, projecting Coop's confidence and focused hardworking attitude. But they can be contrasted by the straight party anthems "Coop" and "5-8" using hip-hop beats that'll make you bounce. Each track is distinct, but the blend here is flawless, making it easy to keep "Finally, I Can Vibe" on repeat all day long.

Coop keeps the record local, too, by featuring DJ Tim Tones, drummer-singer Chris "Hollywood" English, and vocalist I.Am.Tru.Starr, and by using Rochester producers. An unwavering pride for the city is apparent, and Coop represents it with impeccable style and confidence.