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ALBUM REVIEW: "Experience"


Ed Iseley



With a plaintive guitar approach and a beautiful baritone that could easily be suited for a lullaby, Rochester singer-songwriter Ed Iseley looms large with his new album, "Experience," amid his own reflections and ruminations. And as serious as his lyrics spell each song's story out, Iseley seems to start with a shrug and a smile — it's a wry one as he drags the listener into each story and its sentiments.

Iseley's expert finger work on the acoustic guitar rides gently above his minimalist backing band, allowing for lyrical phrases — like "I'm out of touch/because it costs too much," on the cut "Out Of Touch," or my favorite line, "The nights I got away with/ but the days I had to pay," from "Meant To Be Real" — to shine. There's something about a musician who can lay what he means on the table with room for the listener to identify and empathize. Often the beneficiary is the artist themselves. In Iseley's case, it's the sharing of like-minded stories while healing similar wounds. There's room for all of us in "Experience."