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ALBUM REVIEW: "Everything's Fine in the Big Time"



Rock-N-Roll Social Club

"Everything's Fine in the Big Time"


This here LP is a tour of the ultimate record collection; a collection it belongs in. Laying it on thick and heavy with copious doses of greasy melody and greasier riffs, Rock-N-Roll Social Club delivers a nice clean kick to the balls. In the spirit of bands that skate the line between hard rock and even harder rock, this veteran Rochester band has self-produced an exceptional salvo to the blessed trinity of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll with "Everything's Fine in the Big Time." The album positively seethes with guitar machismo and grit while the vocals growl with a ragged wisdom over a bed of impending trouble. It kind of reminds me of GNR or STP without the drug abuse or rampant douche-baggery.


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