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Album review: 'Dream Float EP Vol. 1'


Dream Float

'Dream Float EP Vol. 1'


Rochester piano trio Dream Float performs with little to no written material, allowing compositions to flow from improvisations focused around a theme. Drummer Chris Palace and keyboardist Thomas Mariano originally formed the group in 2018, adding bassist Jordan Rabinowitz later that year. In September, the instrumental band released its self-titled debut EP. Starting off with the eight-minute trance "Pursuit," each player demonstrates virtuosic musicianship before pulling you back to reality and into a whirlwind climax. "Floating" features a funky groove with off-kilter melodies, tripped-up rhythms, and breathy sax, while "Car Song" has fuzzed-out walking bass lines and warbled organ timbres. Dream Float is like Steely Dan with no words and more improv, blending piano rock and jazz-lounge music with fervent complexity.