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ALBUM REVIEW: "Do" b/w "Postcard"


Northern Spies

"Do" b/w "Postcard"


Thrilled, confused, intrigued — that's how I initially felt when finding The Northern Spies' new CD single in my mailbox. I was thrilled because this is a top notch rock outfit. I was confused because most bands release singles to the pirates of the cyber world. And I was intrigued because Northern Spies went against the grain on the aforementioned protocol. But the band isn't the least bit obtuse or duplicitous — on these two songs anyway — and delivers two pop rock cuts suitable for multiple spins.

"Do" opens up with some serious drum exuberance which serves as a kick in the pants, but doesn't stomp out the melody or multiple-layered harmony. On the flip side, "Postcard" comes on in an "I Will Dare" indie kind of way. Both songs are richly layered and textured but avoid getting too muddy or heavy. Just good ole thoughtful, thinking man's rock 'n' roll from a terrific band that knows how to balance its sound.