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Album review: 'Dirty Anxious Low'


Jan the Actress

'Dirty Anxious Low'


Most bands build up the energy over the space of a few cuts. But not Jan the Actress, no. The band's latest CD, "Dirty Anxious Low," delivers that slash, crash and burn immediately. It's there the minute you switch it on, and it doesn't stop for nine glorious cuts. There's clever vocal interplay between singers Karrah Teague and Eric Witkowski, who plays his guitar in a kind of unrelenting stranglehold.

The music is thunderous and raw; it burns like a six-string rash. The band weaves in and out of garage and punk rock, both in attitude and application. It reminds me of The Bellrays and their merciless wail, and I can't get enough. "Dirty Anxious Low," I love you. S.W.A.K.