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Album review: 'Departure'


The Goods



Pure marketing genius: celebrate 10 years in the local music business by playing a packed show, releasing a new EP, and then promptly breaking up. A brilliant move pulled by Rochester's stratospheric rockers, The Goods.

The Rochester foursome is saying adios with its latest and last, a four-song CD aptly named "Departure." And if the band really has to go, it sure is on a nice, albeit short note. Front man Miles McHugh sings each song with a touch of casual and cool melancholy, while all of the authority comes from his guitar. The band's easygoing jam keeps it in check, though, only occasionally letting the guitar off its leash to fly throughout "Departure." For example, the track "Introspections" has a pleasant jam band lope to it, striking a perfect balance with the rhythm section's lock-tight talent that hints at the rock 'n' roll animal in their hearts. On the surface this is a pleasant Sunday drive — below, however, lurks some seriously dangerous talent.