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Album review: 'Dead Star'


King Buffalo

'Dead Star'


Do you ever have those dreams where you're flying or drowning? On its much-anticipated new album "Dead Star," Rochester three-piece King Buffalo offers an enveloping thunder that seems like it could permeate underwater as well as the sky.

Sean McVay's guitar is even more menacing in its attack than on the album's predecessors, as he slashes across the otherworldly soundscape found in the opening cut "Red Star Pt. 1 & 2." "Echo of a Waning Star" rolls out slick 'n' easy, making way for the dynamic shift that'll catch you under your headphones, unaware. Drummer Scott Donaldson doesn't just play the drums; he conducts a flurry of rhythms. I've got a couple of favorites. In addition to the show-stopping, savage radio edit of the opener, there's "Eta Carinae," with Dan Reynolds's driving bass alongside some excellent guitar breaks from McVay. All six cuts are of the heavy-dirge variety we have come to expect from King Buffalo. They're on top of their game. It's their best yet.