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Album review: 'Content'




Hollywood Records

Joywave swings it like a velvet hammer on its new album, "Content." This whole thing is a goddamn gem, with the band forging though a multi-colored collection of unique possibilities into a sonic land of its own. Dynamically it's a thrill ride, from little room handclaps — where you can feel the size of the room — to the epic, arena rumble of the drum as it mimics the end times in your headphones.

There is some organic anger in there as well as the fizz of the electronic chaos. But for the most part, it's singer Daniel Armbruster's casual, cool yet dramatic phrasing that drives the pop machine, propelling it forward without a shred of disingenuous posturing.

"Content" is a pop record, but it's never too sweet as to make your teeth hurt. The tenacious tug-o-war between Armbruster's deadpan falsetto and the electric crush makes for an all-encompassing, all-engulfing 11-cut wave of joy and luxurious listening experience. It doesn't leave you at the end, but will affix itself to your brain like a residual drug trip.