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ALBUM REVIEW: "Candy Supper"


Five Head

"Candy Supper"

King Nummy Music

Five Head is all about stamina. As if on a Viagara-B12-Juggs jag, the band pops the clutch from front to back on its newest, "Candy Supper" — a 14-song pleasure platter with the band's trademark ska acceleration and giggles. The rhythm section righteously pumps steady as the horns blast away the cobwebs and doubt.

Born in the late 1900's, this legendary Rochester band harkens back to that time in the early new wave days where — besides actual ska bands like The English Beat, The Specials, and Madness — everyone had a little flipped-beat joy in their arsenal. Five Head is for sure a ska band, it just seems a little less restricted by its parameters allowing for big band blasts of brass (just dig the lead in on "Hell Toupe"), bangin' gang vocals ("Bitter Pill"), slow dance pelvis pleasers just in time for prom ("Beautiful Girl"), and rock and pop hooks.