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Album review: 'Candy Isle'


Candy Isle

"Channel Surfing"


I'm not sure if I've ever heard Sleater-Kinney sing a madrigal, but I know what it might sound like: the Rochester acoustic duo Candy Isle. Topic-wise, "Channel Surfing" is a concept record about, well, channel surfing and the joy of landing on your favorite shows. It's fairly light-hearted stuff here. The Harmonies are pretty but not all that fancy; they're more to the point. But could they stand to be more flowery? I don't think so.

The duo, Kat Bakranis and Lydia Dake, write and sing with an infectious, childlike irony that adds to the frivolity already in place. Instrumentally, it's unplugged. But it isn't your typical folkie on a stool, strumming the guitar, extolling the virtues of a vegan diet. This is rock 'n' roll and would certainly hold up to being electrified, if the duo felt the urge. Sparks are already flying around its edges. It's a fun record.