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ALBUM REVIEW: "Call Me Insane"


Dale Watson

"Call Me Insane"

Red House Records

It's probably unnecessary to carry on about the lack of country in country music. Suffice it to say, contemporary, self-appointed country has lost its edge. But brothers and sisters there stands a savior in our midst. Austin, Texas, troubadour Dale Watson has got a new batch of true blue honky-tonk shoehorned onto "Call Me Insane." It's an awesome record, but no surprise, that's what Watson has always whipped up with his punchy twang-o-plenty guitar picking and beautifully laid back baritone. Most of the tunes were penned by Watson and road tested with his band, The Lone Stars, on his 300 dates a year touring schedule. Watson shows his flexibility in attack and attitude with moody numbers like the title track, undeniable invites to two-step with "I Owe It All to You," and beer joint rave-ups like "Hot Dang." This is one honkin' tonkin' pleasure platter perfect for starting a party or kick-starting one that won't.