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Album review: 'Bust Out!'


The Fox Sisters

‘Bust Out!’

Dive Records

The Fox Sisters rev it up and go on its new record, “Bust Out!” a fantastic example of classic American rock ‘n’ roll. The Rochester band dives right in — actually it’s more like a messy cannonball off the diving board. The music urges the listener to flail the minute the needle is dropped on the opening selection, “Valerie.” And the guitar on “If You Ever Knew” sounds like the Batmobile being outfitted with after-market glasspacks. It’s more like rhythm and bruise.

Released on June 5, the 12 songs on “Bust Out!” — all original, too, baby — features a relentless lineup: blue-eyed soul singer Pat McNally, guitarist Phil Marshall, drummer Brian Shafer, Jimmy Filingeri on bass, Joe Bushen on keys, and tenor sax player Mark Bradley, with Chris Zajkowski of The Squires of the Subterrain in the producer’s chair.

This vintage-leaning album is a tomorrow classic for today, and burns hot à la Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett. Just dig the non-stop drive of “Flippity Flip” as it urges, cajoles, and begs. McNally sings his head off with equal parts bravado and broken-hearted Romeo. Shout “Bama lama!”

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