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ALBUM REVIEW: "Buddhahood"





Buddhahood's new pleasure platter may be an EP, but it packs a steady groove and wallop over the span of its five corpulent tracks. The album opens with the reserved groove of the Tony Cavagnaro-penned "Perfect Light" before funking it up with the somewhat nasty instrumental "(Going To See) Dr.B." "Zydeco" is more of the jubilance we've come to expect from this legendary local band. There's even one for the dancing-in-your-underwear crowd with another Cavagnaro gem, "Biggie." "Freight Train" closes the party with Buddhahood's excellent command of the one drop. This album is a cool, mellow-down affair and isn't nearly as dangerous as the band is live. But it still reels in the smiles as it tempts you to get up and get down.