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Album review: 'Born To Rock'


American Acid

"Born To Rock"


At one point in the life of most hard rock bands, the important aspects of a music career shift from chasing that big record deal and copious amounts of cocaine to playing rock 'n' roll and not giving a damn. American Acid doesn't give a good god damn. And to prove it, the hard rocking trio from Rochester has just released "Born To Rock," if for nothing else than to show fans where the band's priorities are.

One complaint before we dive in any further: this is an EP, and it's too short. But the five tracks that did make the cut are straight-up loud and fast hard rock. Metal heads will dig it, but it's not metal; same goes for punk. As the title suggests, the songs are relatively anthemic, like the title track or "Paid My Dues," where singer and bass player Doug Mac sings (howls, really) a few clicks north of his range. This adds to the guitar and drums' breakneck boogie. The formula works: get a hook, turn it into a riff, riff hard, rinse, and repeat.