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Album review: 'Between Two Worlds'


Jeff Denson, Romain Pilon, Brian Blade

'Between Two Worlds'

Ridgeway Records

The album title "Between Two Worlds" could refer to the fact that bassist Jeff Denson is American, while guitarist Romain Pilon is French. It could indicate the different musical worlds they've inhabited in the two decades since playing together extensively at Berklee College of Music. But drummer Brian Blade is clearly an equal force in this music. So, Denson writes, the two worlds refer to "one, a physical plane, and the other, a powerful reality that can only be found with the most open of ears, hearts, and minds."

That intangible musical ideal can be felt throughout this gorgeous session, featuring five tunes each by Denson and Pilon. Especially strong are "Song of a Solitary Crow" and the title tune by Denson, who plays a wonderfully plaintive arco bass solo on the latter. Among Pilon's compositions, "Sucré" and "Madrid" stand out, while his legato solos animate every tune. Blade is brilliant throughout, providing just the right punctuation.