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ALBUM REVIEW: "Between The Lakes"


Justin Roeland

"Between The Lakes"


Songwriter Justin Roeland's music bridges the cracks between genres as if they were the proverbial lakes mentioned in the title of his new album. There is an overall beauty that runs throughout "Between The Lakes," with the opening track thoughtfully assailing ears while sounding like The Byrds when Gramm Parsons briefly got his mitts on them.

The atmospheric reverb and layered vocals lend themselves to a shared peace between Roeland and the listener, and between space and time. And somebody please tell me, is there something, anything, lonelier than piano notes plucked out of the air with the damper pedal pinned to the floor? Listen to the track "River Cities" and get back to me with your answer.

The melancholy on Roeland's previous outing, "Blind Spots," has the disconnect of the two coasts — he started recording on the west coast before heading east to wrap it up. "Between the Lakes" was all right coast, adding some focus to its punch and poignancy.