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Album review: 'Behind Closed Doors'


Lauren and the Good Souls

'Behind Closed Doors'



Wow, that Lauren Faggiano can siii-ing. She doesn't lock herself in a particular register, and wails salty to the cheap seats. And whether she's singing piano or forte, the lady manages both intensities on Lauren and the Good Souls' new album "Behind Closed Doors." The affair kicks off with a nice take on the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young classic "Woodstock." The funky stuff is quick to follow, and so is that constant, easy vocalese. This is where the band doesn't distract, less they get flattened by Faggiano's rollicking barrelhouse roar on cuts like "Women Be Wise" or slow soul burners like "They Call Me Sundown." Dig her take on Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good," too.

Lauren and the Good Souls play their CD release show on Saturday, September 7, 7:30 p.m. at Lovin' Cup, 300 Park Point Drive, Suite 101. $5.292-9940.