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Album review: 'Begin Again'


Better Angels

"Begin Again"


Guitarist and singer Bob Snow calls his project Better Angels, and Better Angels has a new album it calls "Begin Again." The album's opening track, "Desert Country Living," plays out like a Jimmy Buffett song lost in a rural setting. The album picks up next with a gentle rock groove followed by a not-so-gentle one. Snow strums chords out of his electric guitar in an atypical non-electric approach (think Chris Trapper). It isn't clear whether or not this was in order to not steam roll his plaintive vocal stylings, like some artists accidently do. No matter, it totally works.

"Boys in Blue" is decidedly Jamaican and decidedly a sunshiny detour with its loping hook and tropical trance. This makes sense as Snow has made Caribbean connections, playing gigs in Jamaica during his annual sojourns to the island. But if you're still hankerin' for more variety, there's also some straight-ahead blues on the stove as well. This is a good afternoon, relaxing in your underwear kind of album ... at least that's how I enjoyed it.