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ALBUM REVIEW: "Baila El Twomp"


Hula Baby

"Baila El Twomp"

Folc Records

Rochester garage rock sensations The Hi-Risers sell out to crowds of screaming kids wherever they go, including Spain, where the trio inspires fans and musicians alike. But this blurb isn't about The Hi-Risers, it's about Hula Baby, a Spanish twang-tastic, fantastic band clearly influenced by the Flour City's fab three. So much so that the band jumped on a plane and flew to Rochester to work at Saxon Studios where the Hi-Risers recorded a large portion of their material with nob-twiddlin' guru Dave Anderson.

Well, I don't need to tell you, this album will knock your socks off. The vintage tone and approach is excellent on salacious rockin' selections (sung in Spanish) from Freddy Cannon, The Neanderthals, The Ventures, and of course, The Hi-Risers (right down to the red kazoo). Drop the needle on this platter at your next shindig and watch the rug cutting commence.