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Album review: 'Baby Brother'


Jon Lewis Band

"Baby Brother"


The way the Jon Lewis Band puts the pedal to the metal on "Let Me Go," the opening track to "Baby Brother," its new release, doesn't give you much time to get out of the way of the rest of the album, laying there coiled and waiting. There's an overall 1970's, AOR bigness to the five-track disc, as if it's being fired off of a turntable — or out of a cannon.

There's some mighty mean guitar here in comparison to Jon Lewis's previous six recordings — and well, there's just some mean guitar in general. Of course, it's a great deal heavier than the music for children that Lewis performs as his quirky alter ego — and Steve Bannon favorite — Mr. Loops.

With "Baby Brother," the songs are so good that the speedy crunch on the gravel from the guitars doesn't distract, detract, or get in the way of the good time the band promises. The songs are unpredictable and dynamic; they don't telegraph any punches, but everything is linear and makes perfect sense once you hear them, making for a pleasurable spin of this record.