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Album Review: “Another Storm”


Dan Eaton

"Another Storm"


The rock 'n' roll as food metaphor is alive and steamin' on Dan Eaton's new platter, "Another Storm," a super solo outing without The Dan Eaton Band. Just take some driving guitar, Eaton's trademark lackadaisical vocal delivery, songs that sing, ring, and swing, and a crew of Austin, Texas, guns for hire, dump it in a bowl and set it on fire. Serves everyone.

Comparisons to Eaton's usual cast of hometown characters are unavoidable, as the sound of both is couched in Eaton's songs and their pervading emotion and punch. This latest project seems a little more focused and reserved in the dynamics department when spun front to back, while The Dan Eaton Band is a more raucous, barnburner affair that captures the tight immediacy of Eaton's pen on paper. "Another Storm" still serves the songs but allows them to rise and ride above. The tunes have nowhere to hide. A well-produced product to get the listener even closer to Eaton's heart and mind.