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ALBUM REVIEW: "American Acid"


American Acid

"American Acid"

Rat Records

Sick-o graphic artist and resident keeper of Rock-N-Roll Social Club's bottom end Doug Mac has re-emerged from the primordial hard rock ooze with the trio American Acid and its new six-song, self-titled release. By its sheer existence, the band exemplifies the fundamental differences — and the confusion that follows — between hard rock and metal. In the case of American Acid, clearly the main ingredient is rock 'n' roll, amped up and ramped up to a crushing, concussive end, forgoing metal's slick precision.

The album is a rock music gem. Vocals are howled just above vocal range; dense guitars still possess some twangin' amid the bangin'; and there's the wise demeanor of three musicians who have done a thing or two. There's a bit of psychedelic coloring outside the lines, but for the most part, "American Acid" is a no frills, no bullshit, straight-up and straight-ahead platter.