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Album review: 'All Good'


Benny Beyond

'All Good'


Ben Kruger has been grinding in Rochester for years, a prolific contributor to local music and arts community. As emcee Benny Beyond, his hip-hop debut "All Good" comes correct with his brand of altruistic philosophy. A year and half in the making, the album takes on the attitude of hype music, but with a sincere, kick-back aggression. Benny's distinctively poetic lyricism allows for easy pivots between passive and active engagement with the songs. "Paintbrush" is a trance-like, psycho-spiritual anthem beckoning to be instantly rewound. And the production by Chris Vandeviver is textured with a flavorful fidelity, reflecting the pop music aesthetic it no doubt finds inspiration in. "All Good" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and in limited physical copies via Bandcamp.

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