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Album review: 'Algorithmic Soul'


Red Sky Lullaby

"Algorithmic Soul"


Red Sky Lullaby's new "Algorithmic Soul" is the soundtrack to lunar-bound, waking dreams in all of its narcotic splendor and ambience. Red Sky Lullaby is the one-man-mission of producer Stuart Kilbride, who paints an infinite expanse of colorful wonderment. It's chill and mellow to the max. But before it becomes too liquid or languid, slices of saxophone, a lyric-less female voice, drums, and piano make the scene — or at least bubble up near the scene's surface — to offer up passages of tangibility, edge, and dimension. There's a bit of push and pull in order to not get too pretty. The shape and tones on this record shift quickly, but Kilbride doesn't rush anything either. All four tracks are presented as movements, parts of the greater whole. Simply put: it is beautiful, swirling but not too epic electronica.